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  Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning is an artisanal leather tanning process that involves treating the leather with natural tannic acids that are found in plants. A time-consuming but very natural process, the leather produced is highly durable and more organic due to nature taking its own course. And with the Mansur Gavriel brandy and cammello options, prolonged use will give rise to a sweet caramelisation of the colours.

  Calf Leather

As the name suggests, calf leather is made from the hide of a calf. This leather type will age gracefully and will retain its shade long after it is first produced and is desired mostly for its softness and an almost flawless grain. A Mansur Gavriel calf leather bag is finished with the same colour on both the outside and the inside, which features a lovely matte finish.

  Tumbled Leather

A Mansur Gavriel tumbled leather bag is extremely soft and supple. Made by using tiny pebbles that gently massage the leather, the bag has a beautiful texture on the outside with a raw suede interior. With a very subtle sheen that is pristine yet classy, tumbled leather also easily withstands prolonged usage and is suitable for both day and night outfits.

  Suede Leather

Suede leather is produced by buffing the hide, which causes fibres to be raised until the leather is relatively smooth to the touch. The result is a velvety fabric that is softer and more malleable than full-grain leather. For Fall 2016, Mansur Gavriel will introduce suede leather to its existing line of iconic bags like the bucket bag and lady bag, which will feature the same interior and exterior textures.

  Patent Leather

Effectively waterproof, patent leather has a glossy and reflective surface that is as easy to clean, as it is to wear. Patent leather is also incredibly light and has a very consistent colour throughout. New for Fall 2016, patent leather will make its first appearance in Mansur Gavriel’s line-up of covetable bags. Be sure to also check out the debut of the Sun and Elegant bags too.